Our History

Lifeline Ministries was born out of a 30 day fast that the Lord had led Pastor Tim Pridegon to go on.

At the end of the fast Pastor Pridegon knew what God’s assignment for him was.  To start a church.

So Lifeline Ministries was started in the home of Tim & Donna Pridegon in May, 1991.  The Lord soon moved the congregation to Jane Boyd Community House, where the congregation began to grow.  One Sunday morning Pastor Pridegon received a word of prophecy from the Lord, “Lifeline will have a building.”   About  a month later we were preparing to move into the new church building that God had miraculously provided. In September 1991 800 G Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, IA  became the new home of Lifeline Ministries for the next 17 years.

Through this ministry God has saved many a sinner, baptized believer’s in the Holy Ghost, seen the sick healed, fed the poor, helped provide housing & transportation, ministered to the elderly & the infirmed, ministered to  inmates, providing transportation to church so they could attend services.   We’ve seen families restored and shown others the power of prayer and trusting in God.

Once again, God is showing us “not by power, nor by might, but by My Spirit! Saith the Lord of Hosts!” He has restored Lifeline Ministries after the devastating floods of 2008 and God has now placed us in our present building at 1101 Oakland Rd NE, Cedar Rapids IA.  We are in awe of our Great God!

We are a full gospel, Pentecostal, independent ministry with an emphasis on the Word of God and Prayer.